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Post-Covid Workplace

To learn more about design considerations when planning for the now, near and far time horizons, read the Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace guide.

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Post-Covid Education

Post-COVID Learning Spaces is designed to share strategies that can help educational institutions navigate this crisis across three time horizons - now, near and far.

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Featured Products

Office area features a Mackinac worksurface, Gesture chair, and Brody seat Open image tooltip

Gesture Ergonomic Desk Chair

Designed for use with today’s technologies, Gesture is for people who frequently transition between different types of work and tools.

Steelcase Flex Collection products used to create workstations for a group of people Open image tooltip

Steelcase Flex Collection

Steelcase Flex creates dynamic team neighborhoods that are designed for spontaneity. It empowers teams to reconfigure their space on demand, making it easy to shift from a brainstorm to a workshop, or from a daily stand-up to a sprint review.

A woman moves a Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand near people working at Mackinac benches and SILQ desk chairs Open image tooltip

Steelcase Roam

Co-developed with Microsoft for the Surface Hub 2, the lightweight mobile stand and easy-to-install wall mount of Steelcase Roam untethers teams from traditionally limited collaborative environments so they can work together how they like: easily, actively and spontaneously.

Mackinac workstation with SILQ chair with a lounge next to it featuring Viccarbe Ace Chair Open image tooltip


麦基诺,专为运动和过渡,creates microzones that support the different types of work from deep concentration to broad collaboration.

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West Elm Work Mesa Sectional

With its modern form and tapered legs, the west elm Work Mesa Sectional adds style to any workspace. Modular pieces can easily create common areas of any size.

A Bassline lounge system with blue and green upholstery in a lounge area with a Bassline Asymmetrical side table next to a sofa Open image tooltip

Campfire lounge system

Campfire Lounge System by Turnstone can be configured to build an unlimited number of seating arrangements.

A phone is seen with the Steelcase Rise app open. An Ology height adjustable desk is seen in the background. Open image tooltip

Ology with Active Touch

Ology height-adjustable benches support the physiology and biology of workers in any health-conscious work environment regardless of size, layout or footprint.

A SILQ chair with multi-colored upholstery across a SW_1 table from a SILQ chair with black and white upholstery Open image tooltip


The SILQ chair is a breakthrough in seating design with innovative materiality and a personal experience by responding to the unique movements of your body.

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Coalesse Color, Pattern and Material

Coalesse has developed color, pattern and materials capability programs that bring more selection to their products through these paths to customization.

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Workplace Advisor Subscription

Workplace Advisor Subscription is a continuous space management tool that lets organizations monitor, quantify and optimize ongoing workplace performance.

An office space decorated in shades of purple, teal and gray that features a workstation created with Answer beams, including privacy screens and desk storage. Open image tooltip

vip亚博 ,beamandpanel systemfurniture offer a range of applications, aesthetics, technology integration and privacy, for creativity and performance.

An office meeting area near a window features a collection of Shortcut Wood chairs from Turnstone are arranged around a table. The chairs have a dark blue seat and wooden legs. Open image tooltip

Shortcut Wood

Thoughtfully designed to blend traditional materials, Shortcut Wood adds character to informal spaces without sacrificing comfort.

Brody office pod with small desk and office chair Open image tooltip

Brody Desk

Brody Desk is a high-performing private workstation designed specifically for the in-between spaces in corporate and education environments.

office meeting table for four surrounded by four portable Clipper screens Open image tooltip


Portable and user-deployable, Clipper freestanding screens by Turnstone deliver on-demand privacy + space definition to the modern workplace.

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Embold collection of seating and tables from Steelcase Health helps organizations create a welcoming, comfortable waiting or transition environment.

Our Partners

West Elm lounge area Open image tooltip

West Elm

Since 2015, West Elm has committed to bringing its residential sensibility to the modern office space and creating contract-grade furnishings.

A screen is displayed on a Steelcase Roam mobile stand next to a Potrero415 table and Montara seating Open image tooltip


结合我们的专长——比如设备领域,physical spaces and the ways in which we work best—Steelcase and Microsoft are uncovering new and innovative ways to integrate the needs of people, places and technology.

A Philippa armchair, part of the Steelcase + Bolia partnership is, shown in an ancillary office space with a matching footrest Open image tooltip


Bolia is an award-winning Danish design company with a passion for Nordic design traditions, sustainable materials and craftsmanship.

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Extremis, with headquarters and manufacturing in Poperinge, Belgium, specializes in intelligently designed outdoor furniture.

A Bivi Rumble Seat sofa is seen upholstered in gray material with a red and white throw pillow sitting near one end In front of the sofa is a round Bassline occasional table Open image tooltip


FLOS is a global leader in lighting design founded in Italy in 1962. FLOS produces lights that transcend their function, adding poetry to illumination.

A yellow sofa in a lounge area with a Wishbone chair from Coalesse and Superloon lamp from FLOS next to it Open image tooltip


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a 28-year-old home furnishing brand with a focus on high-quality, comfortable hospitality and commercial furniture.

Grey, white and yellow Viccarbe seating is placed along a wall in an office lounge, along with benches and tables Open image tooltip


Based in Valencia, Spain, Viccarbe offers contemporary furniture designed by prestigious international designers – useful in homes as well as offices.

在办公室休息室,与布朗营地座椅leather upholstery is shown with a copper table and armchair Open image tooltip


Blu Dot is a Minneapolis-based designer and maker of modern furnishings, spanning multiple home and office categories.

A Coalesse Lox Stool in a Snapcab privacy pod Open image tooltip


SnapCab was founded in 1983 and has an expertise in elevator interiors. Their innovative mindset led to the development of the SnapCab Pod.

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PolyVision’s CeramicSteel surfaces enhance a range of spaces, from large public art installations to information displays for classrooms.

Our Brands

A group of workstations created with Ology benches and Gesture desk chairs Open image tooltip


Steelcase helps organizations create great workplace experiences through spaces, products and services that inspire people to do their best work.

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With an insight-led approach, Steelcase Education helps schools and colleges create effective and inspiring active learning environments.

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Steelcase Health designs healthcare environments that enhance patient and caregiver experiences and builds stronger connections between them.

Enea Cafe Wood Stool Open image tooltip


With a focus on fine craft and high design, Coalesse products make a bold statement in your space without sacrificing wellness at work.

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Turnstone gives entrepreneurs the tools to drive productivity and foster a positive culture that will help elevate their businesses.

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From textiles to wall coverings, Designtex produces digitally imaged materials with reduced environmental impact.

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AMQ offers flexible furniture solutions for open-space offices which are agile, modern in design, and ship quickly.

360 Magazine Steelcase to Acquire Education Leader Smith System Open image tooltip

Smith System

Built for Learning. Smith System believes that every student and teacher deserve the best possible space to inspire learning.

Orangebox office Open image tooltip


Orangebox is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of furniture for the changing workplace with a focus on “Smartworking” solutions.

Our Research

360 Magazine Finding Focus Open image tooltip

Finding Focus

Turns out, finding the privacy you need at work doesn’t necessarily require closing a door. A new Steelcase study proves that when an open plan office is designed with pockets of visual privacy, it really is possible to focus and get things done. But don’t close your eyes to this additional finding: When it’s time to get creative, being in an open space with open views can help.

Finding Focus
360 magazine office remix Open image tooltip

Office Remix

The demand for casual, shared environments at work is at an all-time high. At the same time, organizations are more challenged than ever to use every bit of their real estate in meaningful ways. It’s often hard to know for sure what employees really need or want, and so often spaces are sitting empty. New research from Steelcase points the way with guidelines for creating casual work settings that are purposeful, productive and appealing— sure-to-be-used places for getting real work done.

Office Remix
Simon Sinek: Playing an Infinite Game Open image tooltip

Simon Sinek: Playing an Infinite Game

Simon Sinek, bestselling author of “Start with Why” and “Leaders Eat Last,” challenges long-held conventional notions about business and leadership in his newest book “The Infinite Game.” Hear why he says we’re all unwitting players, why we should stop focusing on our competition and what so many leaders get wrong.

Simon Sinek: Playing an Infinite Game
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New Work. New Rules.

The best workplaces need to be designed to support the collective needs of the team while also nurturing the needs of individuals. So, forget what your coach told you. There is an “I” in “team.”

Explore Teams

360 Magazine Planning for Performance Open image tooltip

Planning for Performance

Today so much of our work happens away from the primary workstation. The casual atmosphere draws us in, but often these spaces do not support our work.

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The Science of Collaboration

Neuroscience tells us our brains and bodies are linked, and our ability to learn and solve problems can be influenced by how we move. But a recent Steelcase global study confirms that, although people typically now spend most their time at work collaborating, they’re doing it in spaces that force them to be passive and sedentary versus actively engaged. Today’s fiercely competitive business environment demands a new, active type of collaboration plus dramatically different environments to support it.

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